About Us

Eric holding a kettlebell

Your House Clinic is a sister company to Your House Fitness and was established in May 2017. Your House Fitness was formed in 2015, with the vision of simplifying and modernizing health and wellness services by bringing personal training straight to your doorstep - whether it be in the comfort of your home, condo facilities, or office. By providing fitness services that are more accessible and highly personalized, Your House Fitness is tailored to suit the busy working professional in the Greater Toronto Area.

Your House Clinic acts as a headquarters, delivering the same high quality services offered by Your House Fitness, but in a studio environment in the entertainment district of downtown Toronto. Our studio is not your typical gym facility, where members can drop in as they choose for workouts. Rather, Your House Clinic is a dedicated personal training studio where clients visit by appointment only with their preferred fitness specialist.

Our registered kinesiologists and personal trainers provide functional health and fitness services by applying a clinical approach to the typical 1-on-1 coaching of personal training. While assessing and correcting functional and biomechanical issues, our specialists create custom fitness programs that range from basic, rehabilitative support to sport-specific regimens.


Ariana performing a bicep curl

At Your House Clinic, our registered kinesiologists take a primary approach to achieving injury rehabilitation, weight loss, chronic pain management, cardiac recovery, as well as the correction of functional imbalances. Our team recognizes that applying a comprehensive method to clinical training is important. We seek to truly understand the diversity and personal nature of client fitness goals and health & wellness afflictions.

The Your House Fitness & Your House Clinic management team will ensure that each client experience begins with one of our registered professionals conducting a thorough assessment at your preferred location or at our studio. Various movement and health screening assessments will be applied throughout your programming, ensuring you stay on track and progress towards your fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

Personal Training

Sara performing a lunge with a press

Your House Fitness has been an effective, efficient and unique personal training team since its inception in 2015. Our personal trainers are highly qualified and bring an impressive amount of experience through years of practice.

With the creation of Your House Clinic, now you can enjoy our exceptional services in a studio environment - a place where the approach to personal training is simplified by our fitness professionals. No matter your health and wellness goals, our team will ensure you reach them through dedicated, personalized programming.